The Patient Journey

Your initial consultation will take place at Clinica Omega Zeta Andorra at your chosen date and time. We will take the time to learn all about your current medical issue(s), your medical history, previous treatments, medication use and other important information.

We will examine you in our clinic room. This may involve inspecting your ears, nose and mouth, and feeling your neck. When necessary a flexible endoscopy will be performed. This involves inserting a small camera into your nasal cavity to inspect the back of your nose, your throat and voice box. More information on this examination can be found here

We will arrange any necessary further examinations, such as a hearing test, X-rays or scans, and blood tests, amongst many others. These investigations will take place at one of our associated clinics.

We want you to feel confident in our mutual choice of treatment. Every decision made in this process is discussed thoroughly and may be changed at your request at any time. In case you need surgery, you will be informed about your procedure, its benefits, risks and alternatives.

You will be given enough time to come to a decision and ask all the questions you need to. If you agree to our surgical treatment plan, you will sign a consent form stating you agree to undergo surgery. Your procedure will be arranged at one of our surgical clinics: Centre Mèdic i Quirúrgic (CMQ) Andorra, Nostra Senyora de Meritxell Hospital Andorra, IMO GRUPO MIRANZA Barcelona, or Hospital Universitari Dexeus Barcelona.

Surgery will take place under local anesthesia (with or without sedation) or general anesthesia. The choice of surgical clinic will depend on the anesthetic technique required for your procedure, as well as your location of preference. Should you require general anesthesia, a preoperative consultation with one of our trusted team of anesthetists will be arranged in one of the above clinics as well. Sometimes the anesthetist will ask for more investigations prior to surgery, such as further blood tests, checks to see how your heart is functioning (electrocardiogram (ECG)), or others. These will take place at one of the above clinics as well. 

After surgery, you should usually be able to go home the same day. On occasion you might have to stay one or more days in hospital or clinic to be monitored. After discharge, you will come back to the clinic for a postoperative consultation, so we can see how you are doing. We may arrange further follow-up appointments if necessary.