Second Opinions

You may have been diagnosed with or recently treated for a benign (non-cancerous) tumor in the head and neck area, a form of head and neck cancer, a (para)thyroid condition, or something else entirely.

Your world is upside down, and you would like to have a reevaluation of the diagnosis and management plan which was given to you by your current provider.

You may be able to come to our clinic, or you might live abroad and would like your second opinion to be virtual or carried out on paper only. You might look for a different doctor, or you wish to continue with your current provider.

Whatever your situation, you are very welcome to request a second opinion from use. We will thoroughly look into all your information, and share with you his opinion on your diagnosis and management, and how to proceed further. 


Your second opinion may include one or more of the following:

A face-to-face consultation-we will take a full history and carry out a physical examination, and discuss your personal concerns. At your request we may also hold a virtual consultation, allowing us to discuss your current situation and key concerns over camera. Your imaging, cytology or histology, and previous operative reports will be revised. If necessary, new investigations will be offered.

Paper consultation- at your request we may assess and revise all your information, and send you our opinion via secure email or post.  No virtual or face-to-face contact is involved. 

Revision of imaging- a specialized radiologist will study your scans and create their own scan report. 

Revision of cytology or histology– a pathologist will study your sample or cells or tissue that was taken elsewhere, and make their own report. 

Evaluation of previous operative reports– we will have a look at what has surgically been done before and how this was carried out, to help prepare advice for the future. 

New investigations- imaging or other tests may need to be repeated, or we may find that new investigations are necessary to establish our second opinion.