Removal and Reconstruction of Small Facial Skin Lesions

Skin lesions of the face are often removed for their esthetic impact upon our facial complexion, but surgical excision may also be recommended to allow for histological examination to rule out skin cancer.

In many cases, the facial skin can be reconstructed immediately following removal of skin lesions. In case skin cancer is suspected, we usually prefer to leave the excision field open until final histological examination has been completed to make sure the lesion was benign, or, in case of skin cancer, was removed with a sufficient margin.

In such cases, we offer patients reconstruction of the skin defect at a later stage. For small lesions which do not require histological examination, LASER surgery is an attractive technique as it minimizes scarring and often does not need reconstruction.

For larger lesions or lesions with clinical suspicion of cancer we usually prefer removal with electric or non-electric scalpels. Reconstruction after such removal is complicated, and needs expert analysis to select the most appropriate reconstructive technique.

At ANDSURGEONS, we have a wealth of experience with removal of both suspicious and non-suspicious skin lesions, and reconstruction of the excision field afterwards.