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whatsapp-icon +376 363 400


whatsapp-icon +376 363 400

Confidentiality Notice

To facilitate access to our services, we offer our Whatsapp and Telegram contact details for quick and easy appointment inquiries. In order to make sure that your privacy and data security is guaranteed, we are unable to discuss any private or sensitive (medical) information outside of the Switzerland-based, high-security applications Threema Messenger and Protonmail.

Both of these platforms secure your privacy through their adherence to Swiss privacy laws, zero access end-to-end message encryption, and several other open source security features.

Proton email accounts can freely be opened at while the Threema Messenger app can be purchased for 5.99 Euro at the app store (IOS) or Play store (Android). This way, you have the opportunity to discuss all matters of importance with us, in an easily accessible fashion, without compromising your security.

Threema QR Codes

Please scan the QR code with your Threema app for direct and secure messenger contact

Dr. Karin Oomen

Dr. Volkert Wreesmann