Pediatric ENT

Children are not miniature adults. Their body size and skull proportions are completely different from ours, as is the comparative anatomy of their ears, nose and throat.

This is reflected in the specific types of ENT problems children present with. As most children spend   most of their day in larger groups (at day care or school) or with siblings, they are generally at a higher risk of (recurrent) infections than adults, even more so as their immune systems are not fully developed until they are around 8 years old.

Children also have their own specific psychological needs, which is important to be mindful of in the consultation room. For young children, being physically examined can feel threatening, which is why they need a sensitive approach. 

The above factors explain why children need a dedicated pediatric ENT surgeon, who is able to cater to children’s specific needs, is mindful of all special considerations related to children’s ENT problems and their communication needs, and has the appropriate equipment to examine their extra narrow ears, nasal orifices and throat. 

Dr. Karin Oomen is a fellowship-trained pediatric ENT surgeon with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating children for all sorts of problems, ranging from ear infections to problems breathing in newborns. Whatever the problem, we will try to work with you and your child toward a solution tailored to their needs. Below we have listed 5 common pediatric ENT problems (click for more info).