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Andorra is a tranquil microstate in the heart of the majestic Pyrenees mountain range. It is located between Spain and France, at an average altitude of approximately 1950 meters above sea level. Although traditionally an economy of tobacco and other rural goods, Andorra has transformed itself into a hypermodern service economy over the past decades, of which healthcare development and wellness are major spearheads.

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Andorra provides an attractive setting for promotion of healthcare and wellness. Its geographical location boasts clean air and water, a temperate Mediterranean climate, a sense of community, physical security and tranquility, and a cultural focus upon outdoor sports and healthy diets. This is reflected by low rates of chronic disease and childhood mortality observed in the Andorran population. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Andorran nationals as having the longest life expectancy in the world in 2021.

This may in part be attributed to the Andorran healthcare system, which is internationally renowned for its organization and facilities, fueled by a healthy balance between public and private funding. This is confirmed by a report from the Lancet Healthcare Access and Quality Index which listed Andorra number one in the world in 2017. Moreover, Andorra is easily accessible, with 7 international airports and two major European cities (Barcelona and Toulouse) within two hours driving distance. 



ANDSURGEONS is the registered trademark of our company OHNS Service SL. ANDSURGEONS provides medical services within several established medical centers in Andorra, Spain and the United Kingdom. In Andorra, our services are centered around two intake clinics at Clinica Omega Zeta and Centre Mèdic i Psicològic Som Salut, where initial and follow-up consultations take place.

For patients who need (surgical) treatment, we have established privileges at several surrounding institutions. In Andorra, these include Centre Medic and Quirurgic (CMQ) for patients who need minor procedures that can be performed under local anesthesia or sedation, and the Hospital Nostra Senyora de Meritxell, for patients who need more advanced procedures under general anesthesia, or who need postoperative observation overnight.

In Spain, we collaborate with and are part of the AGRUPACIÓ MÈDICA I QUIRÚRGICA (AMIQ), a company which provides medical and surgical head and neck services to the community of Barcelona, Catalunya and beyond. This means we are able to offer patient consultations and surgical treatment in the Barcelona region as well.

In the United Kingdom, we have been active for many years in several different institutions, where we offer our services through our UK-registered subsidiary OHNS Service Ltd. This set up improves access for a proportion of our patients, who divide their time between the United Kingdom, Spain and/or Andorra.