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"Our son Dio was treated by Dr. Oomen as a baby and toddler. In addition to being an incredibly skilled doctor, an incredibly warm person. We look back to a period where there was a hard fight for our son with a fantastic result! Grateful that we could have Dr Oomen as our doctor. We would recommend her to anyone."

Fam Van der Weijde

"I was fortunate to be able to have Dr Wreesmann as my surgeon. He presented me with all my options with patience, empathy and expertise. I ultimately chose Dr Wreesmann and couldn't have been happier with the outcome. I strongly recommend him."

Stefan D

"Dr Wreesmann helped me get through an incredibly difficult time. His approach was empathic, thorough and diligent. I have no hesitation in giving him a 5 star review."

Carol Morrison

"Dr Wreesmann is very knowledgeable in ENT, feel in safe hands, explains and answers any questions. He carried out many operations I needed in the UK. Highly recommend."

Sonia Parks

"Dr Wreesmann is an empathetic, very knowledgeable and dedicated professional, a safe pair of hands. Highly recommended."

Steven Bosch

"Highly recommended. Very professional."

Victoria Kemerer

"Dr. Wreesmann is a very professional and also very friendly doctor. If only all doctors were like this! In my work it is necessary to have a clear good voice. We are now working on this with the help of his advice."

dj lady Orange

"So nice to have an ENT doctor here who, in addition to the Dutch language, also speaks the language of the common man. In other words: does not use professional jargon, is very empathetic, thinks along with you and, above all, takes all the time for you."

Angelique Broers

"Excellent medical professional with great knowledge, attention and excellent treatment. Lucky to have him in Andorra."

Alvaro García Navarro

"The best ENT in Andorra with exceptional treatment!"