General ENT

The ear-nose-throat (ENT) region forms the central backbone of the head and neck region. Have you ever wondered why the ear, nose and throat are managed by the same specialist?

This is because the ear, nose, and throat are part of the upper respiratory system, lined with the same mucosa and are anatomically connected. The nose and upper part of the throat are one continuum, and a long narrow tube called the Eustachian tube, connects the ear to both the nose and the throat. Because the three are so intricately connected, together they form an ingenious system which is well-balanced and functional under optimal circumstances. The downside is that a disturbance in one organ can and often will cause a problem in the other. 

The ENT area is a unique area that is difficult to access from the outside of the body, as all organs are located within the skull. This is why assessment of the ENT area requires the trained eye of an ENT specialist, who has the expertise as well the special equipment to evaluate the narrow openings in the face and skull that lead to it.